Ventimiglia Market

Ventimiglia Indoor Market - Via della Repubblica


The Ventimiglia market is a key feature in the town. From Monday to Saturday the stalls that sit within the indoor food haven groan with fresh and tasty seasonal fruits and vegetables. There is a whole section of produce that is either home grown or prepared, such as bottled and pickled foods and artisan speciality cheeses. There are fresh pasta stalls and patisserie counters, delicatessens selling black and white truffles and truffle oils and tapenades, and other authentic Italian food products. The market also has an impressive selection of plants and flowers, both fresh and artificial.

Weekdays the market opens from 7.00 am until about 13.00. All day on Friday and most stalls are open all day on Saturday. Special days such as if Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday, the market will be open.



The market is a gourmet's paradise


Fresh Flowers and Artifical Flowers are blooming marvellous


Famous Friday Outdoor Market


Every Friday Ventimiglia holds an outdoor market. It is situated in the centre of town and along the lungomare, coast. There are around 500 stalls selling clothes to shoes and pans to linens.

The market draws huge crowds, so unless you arrive very early, it is best to avoid taking the car and use the train. The train station is so close to the centre of town and market.

The atmosphere at the market is wonderful and so worth going to. Like most markets the goods are not high end but the choice is vast. If you spend a little time browsing, there are some amazing purchases to be made. The price tags may not be very cheap and it is worth taking advantage of the rest of the town to enjoy the many boutiques close by.

As well as clothing, there is an array of foods to munch on and the delicacies vary from sundried tomatoes to salamis and pasta to parmigiano.

A note to remember, in Italy it is imperative that you take or are given a receipt with everything you buy. The market starts around 8 am and goes non-stop through the day until around 4.30 - 5.00 pm.


Clothing and accessories

Authentic Italian Delicacies