ventimigliaVentimiglia … welcome to Italy!

Ventimiglia is on the edge of Italy; the first town visitors see when they enter the country from France. It has a character unlike any other Riviera town, retaining its traditional identity while adopting an eclectic selection of the new. There’s none of the glitz and glamour of its neighbours; instead it’s an honest, understated yet comfortable place to visit, explore or just be.

Every Friday all year round, French residents and tourists from across the border flock to its popular street market along the lungomare (seafront). They also come for the daily indoor fruit and vegetable market, for which the town is justly famous. But there’s much more for shoppers. You won’t find the usual outlets and few of the well-known brands have their own shops here; instead there’s a colourful mixture of small shops of all kinds, from boutiques to patisserie and of course a Eurodrink on every corner supplying those products that are so much more expensive on the other side of the border.

This website aims to provide information that’s useful to English-speaking people of all nationalities who come to Ventimiglia, whether as part of a plan or on a whim. You will find here a town that’s authentically Italian yet will speak to you in French and sometimes English, and in these pages we aim to provide all visitors with as much information as we can.



If you are a resident of Ventimiglia and its surrounding area, or just a regular visitor, we welcome photographs and articles that we can publish under your name. Contact us at info@ventimiglia.town. We publish occasional short articles in our News section.