Christmas Market Preparations

In Ventimiglia, installation of the Christmas market proceeds ahead of the holidays.

“In addition to decorations and music in the resort itself to bring cheer to pedestrians, there will be a series of events to promote and complete the picture of Christmas.”

The installation is now proceeding at full speed, and barring unforeseen circumstances the new village built in the public gardens will be inaugurated on December 8 and will remain open until January 7 when the holiday season closes.

At the same time the company that has taken over the project is awarding stalls to those who request it, giving precedence, according to guidelines issued by the municipal notice, to Ventimiglia merchants. The items to be available for sale are only those types closely related to Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and accessories, toys, greeting cards, books, records, regional food and wine, sweets, chestnuts, mulled wine, antiques and crafts wood, wrought iron, copper and brass.


“Besides the village itself and the lights, decorations and music that will bring cheer to passers-by “- councillor Pio Guido Felici added – “we will hold a series of events to promote and complete the Christmas picture. A detailed list will be published at the beginning of next week, plus a couple of small stalls will be reserved to the Administration for further activities”.

This is an edited translation of an original article in Sanremo News.