Late winter passaggiata

It’s now late winter, or looked at another way, early spring. The days are lengthening, mimosa is in full bloom, the sun’s rays are starting to carry warmth again and there’s no sign of any snow in the mountains. On such a Sunday, where better to be than on the lungomare in Ventimiglia? It’s much less busy than in summer and the weather is ideal for that Italian weekend tradition, the lunchtime “passaggiata”.

From the mouth of the Nervia river, past the park to the mouth of the Roya, then across the Squarchiafichi footbridge and continuing to the new port, it’s a walk of between 30 minutes and an hour each way, depending on your rate of progress, and all along the way the bars are open and doing good business. If you’re really energetic you can make the climb to take in the Old Town, but it’s also OK to park up, find a nearby bar and pass a couple of hours chatting with friends. Ventimiglia is the kind of place that encourages a relaxed attitude to Sundays, so if you haven’t already discovered it for yourself do give it a try.