Opening up the Riviera Ponente

Last year, 12 million people passed through Nice airport. Most of these were heading to and from destinations in France but for a significant number the airport is the premier gateway into Italy, in particular the Riviera Ponente, for which Ventimiglia is the entry point.

The Italian Riviera Tourist Consortium (Consorzio Turistico Riviera dei Fiori) is working in partnership with Nice Airport to provide tourist booths at both terminals, open 18 hours a day and due to open in June this year. Information will be provided about the most beautiful places too see and about hotels, beaches and other attractions that will pull visitors into the area.

Not only this, but a proposal has been revived that has often been floated but never implemented, to set up a twice daily bus service between the airport and the Italian Riviera. A private operator is being sought who can run such a service for a cost of about €20, above which it is not thought to be viable.

On this side of the border, local communes are keen on the idea and working hard to find a way to make the proposals work effectively.

Crédit Photo: Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur