New port forecast to complete by 2018

The agreement between Cala del Forte and the Port of Monaco society for the sale of the shares related to the construction and management of the port of Ventimiglia, at least in broad outline, will be brought in black and white to the Municipality of Ventimiglia within the next 20 days. The objective is to finish the port by 2018. Jobs can start under the Monegasque flag by the summer or no later than September.

There remain to be defined the issue of ground works which the Monegasque company – at least in the first phase of the negotiations – had said it was not interested. What is certain is that additional works and expected charges, as reaffirmed by the administration, remain unchanged.

Mayor Enrico Ioculano is convinced that a “major step forward” has been taken. The meetings between the parties have been most positive, confirming that they are proceeding towards a full agreement. The only item still remaining open to discussion is the elevator, which if whose management is to be entrusted to the Town may be difficult to negotiate. It may remain only connected to the housing units if it is constructed at all.

Edited translation of an original article in La Stampa, Sunday 21 February 2016.