108 orphaned puppies

A story to tug at the heart-strings:

Their master died and they need everything: food, kennels, blankets, medical tests and possibly treatment. When this is completed they will be microchipped and provided with documents, then suitable families will be sought to adopt them. But in the meantime they need aid to provide for their welfare.

With their human Dad now “flying in the sky”, 108 dogs now remain alone in the world behind a rickety fence on a hill in Camporosso. Their number is expected to increase in the short term because some of the females are due to give birth. This has the potential to become a real emergency situation.

For some time it was known that their now-deceased owner kept a considerable number of puppies, offspring of a first litter years ago, who he had always refused to have sterilized. And so over time their numbers increased out of proportion. But despite the alarm raised by the nearby section of Ventimiglia LNDC (Canine Defence League) nothing has been done. Now, with their carer passed away, there was a meeting between the relevant authorities, including the Mayor of Camporosso, to determine how to provide for the future of this four-legged army.

The 108 orphans will be microchipped and will undergo medical tests to verify their state of health, the females will be sterilized and once these essential operations are complete a campaign of adoption will start so that each one has a family that will look after them and provide affection. Meanwhile the puppies remain in the enclosure where they have always lived, while volunteers from Ventimiglia LNDC take care of them, giving them their baby food, keeping the place clean and doing essential structural repairs. The fencing must be changed because it has broken in several places allowing dogs to take themselves for a stroll, while barriers are needed in order to avoid promiscuity between males and females that could cause unwanted pregnancies. The animals’ only shelter is four rustic walls covered by a roof, where they crowd close together to keep warm and to defend themselves from the elements, so it is necessary to supply them with dog beds and blankets, old sheets or towels.


“The dogs are initially shy and distrustful of people because all their lives they only knew their master and his friend who occasionally gave him a hand” – say the volunteers who every day go to look after them. But once their trust is won they become friendly and playful and a very good relationship can be established. So whoever takes them into their households will find sweet and affectionate creatures.

But before all that these orphans need help. Every little contribution is essential to their survival.

Edited translation of http://www.legadelcane.org/ventimiglia-3/