Support for Britain in Europe

The news in Britain is mostly about the Brexit Referendum to be held on June 23rd. Everyone must of course make their own judgement on the basis of the facts offered, but at this website we believe the evidence suggests strongly that to leave would be a massive leap of faith leading at best to an uncertain future but more likely a step back to a world none of us want to revisit.

From all over the world have come expressions of support for Britain staying in the EU. The latest is from the Sanremo branch of the governing Italian Democratic Party (PD), in an email sent to The Riviera Woman for publication and intended to encourage expats living on the Riviera to take part in the vote. Here’s the published article:

It’s heartwarming to read of the obviously high regard held in Italy for the British contribution to society here over many decades and the desire of at least one political party for things to continue in their current direction, not to take a step that will disrupt the lives of so many.