Beach cleanup

With its position between two rivers, Ventimiglia’s beach collects a huge amount of driftwood every winter, washed down from far inland up in the Alps. Winter storms sweep all manner of debris from the river banks, often providing rich pickings for those willing to collect free firewood. But by the time Spring arrives the beach gets more than a little untidy and every year needs a clean-up operation to prepare for the summer season.

If you’ve walked along the lungomare in the last few days you’ll see evidence of a recent major Spring Clean. The beach is immaculate from one end to the other, with here and there, huge piles of driftwood the only evidence that remains. Congratulations to all for such a splendid concerted effort on behalf of citizens and visitors. Ventimiglia’s beach is probably the most impressive in the area, with over half a kilometre of scalloped bays that are particularly safe for children, and right now it does the town proud.