New life for the Roman Theatre

Anyone who drives through Ventimiglia will be familiar with the Roman Theatre, sparing it the odd glance while inching along at one of the busier times of day. It’s one of the town’s more famous landmarks, a reminder of an imperial past many centuries ago. You may have commented on its rather unfortunate location, seemingly jammed between the railway tracks and the road, and perhaps not have also noticed that it’s actually in rather fair condition given its great age.

Well, it’s about to commence a new lease of life. The Theatre has been undergoing a programme of redevelopment, and the hope is that from as early as the end of April it will reopen and host a series of shows during the coming summer season. “I am very happy about this”, says the Councillor for Tourism and Events, Pio Guido Felici, who is looking forward to welcoming up to 400 people at a time to the shows. The green light is awaited from the town’s Administration, after which the events can be planned in detail.


The Administration has announced that among its ideas is one to organise a festival of theatre involving the town’s major landmarks. The Annunziata Fortress, on the other side of the town, will certainly play a major part in this but it is also hoped that the redeveloped Theatre can also be included.

This is an adaptation of an original article in Sanremo News on Tuesday April 11 2017.