The new Nervia bridge

We wrote previously about the proposal to build a pedestrian and cyclists’ bridge over the Nervia river, where it reaches the sea at the eastern end of Ventimiglia’s lungomare. Well, notwithstanding a few delays this happened, and the bridge has been available for use since last summer.

The new bridge in August 2018, with cleaning up still under way

The new bridge connects Ventimiglia to Camporosso Mare, avoiding the need to use the Via Aurelia with all its heavy traffic. The river estuary is a quiet and largely unspoilt area, making for a pleasant walking or cycling interlude between the two towns. Parking is available, mostly on the Camporosso side, and for those willing to spend half an hour on foot it makes a good alternative to the gridlock of Ventimiglia, especially on Fridays.

The new bridge, looking towards Ventimiglia