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At Dental Studio Pegliasco we are proud of our University and post-graduate studies from the best national and foreign institutions. We continue to update our knowledge through courses and seminars so we can provide new advanced tools and methods to our patients.


Dr. Mauro Pegliasco

Degree in Medicine and Surgery c/o University of Genoa, Specialization in Dentistry c/o University of Genoa. Courses c/o University of Southern California.


The dental studio provides comprehensive procedures to restore oral health and correct any cosmetic flaws.

At our dental practice in Ventimiglia,  our treatments consist of basic dentistry, orthodontics, implantology and techniques for whitening teeth and dentures.

We have equipment and cutting-edge technology that allows us to take care of every phase of the treatment. At the initial visit we will do a complete analyse so we can advise you with the best and most suitable treatment.

We are equipped to handle pediatric treatment, ensuring rapid action to prevent malposture and future defects.

The Dental Studio, headed by Dr. Mauro Pegliasco is of a high professional level, offering a wide range of surgical repair work using advanced tools and technology.

Surgical Treatments available:

  • Oral surgery
    conservative Dentistry
    Maxillary aesthetic correction

Non-invasive treatments:

  • Dental care
    Complete cleaning

It is our pleasure to offer the first consultation for free.

Establishing a good rapport with all our patients is the most important aspect of our work. We wish to ensure absolute confidence so you can be sure that we have your best welfare at heart.

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