Ventimiglia is 7 km from the border of France.
Sanremo is 18 km away.
Genova is 130 km away.

Frazioni of Ventimiglia – There are 25 villages and areas that form a part of Ventimiglia Town. The CAP (Postal Code) for Ventimiglia is 18039. Interactive Map.

BeveraCalandriCalvoCarlettiCase Allavena (L) – Case Roberto (L) – Case Sgorra (L) – Castel d’AppioGrimaldiGrimaldi Inferiore (L) – LatteMortola InferioreMortola SuperiorePorraRoverinoSan LorenzoSan Pancrazio (L) – Sant’AntonioSealza (L) – SegliaTorriTruccoVaraseVerrandiVillatella


Genoa – Aeroporto “C. Colombo”
Nice, France – Aeroport Nice Cote D’Azur

Train Station

The station is almost at the heart of the town, less than 5 minutes walking distance to the centre and 10 minutes from the beach. You are strongly recommended to come by train at least for your first visit as parking can be difficult. The only easily accessible parking, mostly free, is at least 10 minutes walk from the town but it’s often much quicker to walk in from there than try to find a closer space in the town centre. Free parking in the town centre is very scarce during shopping hours.

A useful tip: Parking is often quite easy to find at  Garavan, on the edge of Menton. From there it’s one stop on the train. Trains run a couple of times an hour until quite late into the evening.

Trenitalia website
French Trains –

Taxi rank at Ventimiglia Train Station


Taxis can usually be found just outside the Ventimiglia train station.
The number to call during the day is +39 0184 35 11 25.
From 1.00 am and until 7.00 am the mobile number to call is +39 335 72 53 028

Be In The Know

Access to good resources is the key to easy living. Here are some of the places that you may find useful when living or staying in Ventimiglia. A little local knowledge can help to save time and prevent stressful situations.

Very important! When shopping in Italy always take the receipt (scontrino)and ask for one if it is not offered, even if you are buying fruit in the market or cakes from the pasticceria. To ask: “Posso avere il scontrino per favore“, (May I have the receipt please.)

Should you be stopped by the police in the street, you may be asked for your receipts and you could be fined for not having them. This also applies, in coffee shops, market stalls and restaurants. Visitors from neighbouring France may be stopped at the border when returning back into France by local French police and they often do spot checks and may ask to see your purchases and the receipts. This is usually to combat the illegal vendors. If your goods are found to be fake/counterfeit – they will be confiscated and you will receive a fine. Play safe – Get a receipt, always!
Emergency numbers: Police 112 – Fire 115 – Finance Police 117 – Childline 114 – More Important Numbers.

The Post Office

PostOfficePostOfficeTicketThe Post Office is found in Via della Repubblica, which is the road straight down from the train station, towards the coast.Open 6 days a week: Monday to Friday 8 am – 6.30 pm
Saturday 8 am – 1.30 pm

In August, the Post Office is only open half days:
8 am – 1.30 pm

As with most administrative places, the post office operates by a ticket system. A yellow machine is in place for issuing your ticket. For counter service to pay bills, take a ticket by pressing A. E is for post office bank account holders and P is for sending post and packages. It is a busy post office and it is advisable to bring a book or magazine to read during peak times.



Sanpaolo IMI
Via Cavour Camillo, 30
18039 Ventimiglia
+39 0184 352955
Banco di SAN Giorgio
Via Jacopo Ruffini 8
18039 Ventimiglia
+39 0184 355633
Banca Carige
Via Roma, 38/A
18039 Ventimiglia
+39 0184 352622
Banca Carige
Corso Genova, 82/BIS
18039 Ventimiglia
+39 0184 253035
Banca Nazionale del Lavoro
Piazza Cesare Battisti,
18039 Ventimiglia
+39 0184 352764
Banca Lombarda Private Investment
Via JacopoRuffini 8/A
18039 Ventimiglia
+39 0184 33414
Banco di SAN Giorgio
Via Roma, 62
18039 Ventimiglia
+39 0184 358188
Banca Patrimoni e Investimenti
Via Cavour 35
18039 Ventimiglia
+39 0184 23671
Banca Popolare di Novara
Via Della Stazione 2
18039 Ventimiglia
+39 0184 355399


There are various parking areas in and around Ventimiglia. On Fridays, owing to the outdoor market, a large part of the coast road is not available. Most of the town operates a pay and display system. The main car park in the centre of town requires you to take a ticket on entry and before leaving to pay at the pay station before leaving – using the ticket to exit. You can also find parking around the train station.

It is worth knowing what the different coloured parking areas mean. If the space is outlined in blue, this space requires you to pay and display. A white space is free. Yellow is a private parking space. Disabled spaces must be respected as in all towns and countries. You risk a heavy fines and being towed away if you are found to be illegally parked.

Marca da bollo

When you need to present legal documents, you will be required to purchase a marca da bollo. The is an official stamp which you can purchase from a Tabbaccaio (literally, “tobacconist”).  A useful one is the Coffee Bar/Shop by the Ventimiglia train station.

Tabaccaio next to the train station and an example of a marca da bollo

Free wifi

Ventimiglia is pressing forward with a plan to cover as much as possible of the town with free wifi. There are a couple of providers so you may need to sign up with both. The service is free but requires you to register on your first use of it.